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Samsung's debut e-book reader arrives

The pint-sized SNE-50K will be sold only in South Korea at first, but the consumer electronics giant has plans and prototypes for worldwide rollouts.

By July 28, 2009


Sony's Music Unlimited comes to Android tablets

Sony throws its hat into the ring as another provider of streaming music on Android-powered tablet devices.

By October 21, 2011


Sony's music comeback story needs third act

A major security breach has blemished the reputation of Sony's fledgling subscription music service, Qriocity. Sony had plenty to worry about even before the intrusion.

By June 21, 2011


What we Craved this week: Blu-ray, e-book news, ancient video games

Our favorite stuff from Crave this week includes news about an e-reader from Samsung and a look at console games of yore that deserve a second life.

By August 1, 2009


Questioning Sony's new class-action waiver

Sony is removing right for consumers to join class-action suits against many of its online services. But with recent breaches of Sony networks, and lengthy PSN downtime, still fresh in many minds, is this a branding blunder?

By September 18, 2011


Asus plans Eee-book reader, report says

Company president Jerry Shen said Asustek plans to launch its reader by the end of 2009 at the earliest.

By August 27, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 871: Pirates on the paradigm ship

In today's show, horrible ship-related pun-crimes are perpetrated and we learn that in Russia, emoticons wink at you and try to charge you for them. Also, we bash a ton of gadgets, like the still-overpriced Sony PlayStation 3, the $99-with-contract Acer A

By December 12, 2008