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Microsoft snaps up Office.com domain

It could serve as a handy address for Microsoft's Web-based productivity suite, but the software maker isn't saying just how it will use the domain.

By August 6, 2009


Amazon.com snaps up Reflexive Entertainment

Although financial details were not disclosed, the deal will bolster Amazon's PC, Mac, and online game offerings.

By October 22, 2008


Docstoc releases Docshots: A pop-up document viewer

The new service puts little pop-up previews on linked up Web documents.

By February 19, 2009


Widget makers get a makeover

For makers of widgets--modest little pieces of software that let people do things like play games, annotate photos, or send "pokes" to each other on Facebook or MySpace--it seems the buzz has turned to a worrisome hush.

By August 21, 2008


NBC's answer to MySpace?

By March 7, 2006