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Docstoc releases Docshots: A pop-up document viewer

The new service puts little pop-up previews on linked up Web documents.

By February 19, 2009


Widget makers get a makeover

For makers of widgets--modest little pieces of software that let people do things like play games, annotate photos, or send "pokes" to each other on Facebook or MySpace--it seems the buzz has turned to a worrisome hush.

By August 21, 2008


Can Sony click with download store?

By stumbling to get content to the PSP, the electronics giant now has to play catch-up to Apple.

By April 30, 2007


NBC's answer to MySpace?

By March 7, 2006


Yahoo hires another top media exec

Net giant continues hiring spree, taps senior VP of AOL broadband to help run content operations at Yahoo Media Group.

By April 26, 2005


Click fraud roils search advertisers

Skewing sponsored-search listings is a "billion-dollar problem"--and some companies at SES are fighting back.

By March 4, 2005


New Snap site thinks outside the search box

Idealab founder follows success of Overture Services with another search project--one that tries to guess what you really want.

By October 5, 2004


Overture, SLI to power NBC search

The television network announces a two-year partnership with Overture for sponsored search, adding its name to the growing list of Web publishers that are lacing query results with ads.

By November 10, 2003


Empires pay billions for more visitors

The unprecedented speed, number and price of Internet combinations has redefined the corporate merger--and, critics say, contributed to the decline of the industry.

By June 5, 2001