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Sticky s'mores inside the house

The Nostalgia Electrics SMM-100 Old Fashioned S'Mores Maker brings the campfire treat indoors. The small countertop appliance makes it easy to have the gooey treats anytime.

By June 17, 2011


Intel chip flaw--but what of it?

Researchers warn of a flaw that could spur "CPU cache poisoning." For the moment, though, the danger remains strictly theoretical.

By March 23, 2009


What the heck will they blend on YouTube next!?

Social-media marketing can do much for the promotion of a company or product. The "Will It Blend?" YouTube campaign by Blendtec is one of the best.

By August 29, 2007


Robot to keep ship hulls free of sea debris

Hismar, a hull-cleaning robot developed at the United Kingdom's Newcastle University, could save the shipping industry from excess drag, fuel consumption, and pollution.

By September 19, 2008