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Star Trek's Enterprise voyages from Smithsonian's basement to main floor

The model of the USS Enterprise, in the Smithsonian's collection since 1974, is getting restored and given a more prominent spot in the National Air and Space Museum.

By June 27, 2016


April Fools' Day 2016: Star Trek tribble-breeding program underway at Smithsonian

Few alien species are capable of killing you with cuteness, but the Smithsonian may be getting in deep with an April Fools' experimental breeding program for tribbles.

By April 1, 2016


Smithsonian museum wants your help to preserve Neil Armstrong's spacesuit

On the 46th anniversary of humanity's first steps on the moon, Kickstarter and the Smithsonian team up to save -- and display -- a vital piece of space history.

By July 20, 2015


Fright at the museum: Selfie sticks banned at the Smithsonian

Technically Incorrect: Citing safety concerns, the Smithsonian goes draconian on the world's latest essential gadget.

By March 3, 2015


Spend 2 hours admiring Star Trek's decades-long impact on tech

Star Trek showcased futuristic tech fans could only dream about. A new special will explore the impact of those far out ideas.

By July 6, 2016


This Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator would impress Spock

Ask Scotty to beam you up, or just chat with friendly lifeforms, with this impressive Star Trek: TOS Bluetooth Communicator from The Wand Company and ThinkGeek.

By June 30, 2016


Star Trek Barbie dolls render the original crew in fantastic plastic

Barbie jumps back into the Star Trek universe for a series of 50th anniversary dolls of Kirk, Spock and Uhura.

By June 7, 2016


Explore strange new pools in these Star Trek Trekini swimsuits

Turn your summer vacation into a thrilling space adventure when you dress yourself in "Next Generation" swimwear.

By June 2, 2016


Gun that killed Trayvon Martin pulled from online auction

Technically Incorrect: George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of the black teen's death, called his gun a "piece of American history" and had offered it for a $5,000 minimum bid.

By May 12, 2016


This lucky tortoise lives in his own mini Jurassic Park

Move over, T. rex. There's a new dino in town and he sports a beak, a shell and a dedication to the slow-food movement.

By May 4, 2016