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Automated selfie mirror catches you smiling

Take the guesswork out of capturing the perfect selfie with a high-tech mirror that waits for a nice smile before it grabs a photo.

By Apr. 9, 2014


3D holograms show if baby's smiling in the womb

Want to see how your unborn baby is reacting to life on the inside? Pioneer has started printing the expressions of tiny tykes as ultrasound holograms.

By May. 9, 2013


The software that stops you smiling in New Jersey

Because the state has invested in facial recognition software, you can't smile on your New Jersey driver's license photo. The software is confused by smiling.

By Sep. 21, 2012


Twikao turns your smiling mug into (^_^)

Free iPhone app converts your facial expressions into Japanese smileys. It could cheer you up when you're feeling ??_?)

By Feb. 13, 2012


Go Daddy CEO: I was smiling with dead elephant out of 'relief'

Media war between Go Daddy's Bob Parsons and animal rights activists escalates after he posts his elephant-killing video. Parsons insists his act was righteous and he was smiling because he was relieved.

By Apr. 1, 2011


Four states' DMVs frown on smiling

Arkansas, Indiana, Virginia, and Nevada decide to stop smiley driving license pictures in an attempt to prevent fraud. Face-recognition software in these states can only compare pictures that are serious.

By May. 26, 2009


Smiling? You can hear it in the voice

Smiling affects how we speak, according to a new study.

By Jan. 3, 2008


First look at 'Spore': Why Electronic Arts is smiling today

North American gamers won't be able to get their hands on the product until Sunday, but the early reviews suggest that hype notwithstanding, EA has a big hit on its hands.

By Sep. 4, 2008


Sony's new Cyber-shots sense and shoot smiling subjects

Sony announced four new Cyber-shot W-series digital cameras, that now include a smile shutter function.

By Jan. 23, 2008


Twitter shares plummet on hits to user growth, usage

The good news was that total monthly active users jumped to 241 million. The bad news: the growth ain't what it used to be, and Twitter's design is partly to blame.

By Feb. 6, 2014