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iPhone too pricey? Then think smartphone-lite

A company called INQ is working on a new set of phones designed for social networking apps--and costing roughly half as much as today's smartphones.

By February 13, 2009


The 411: Data plan conundrum

Every two weeks, CNET editor Nicole Lee answers your questions about cell phones and cell phone accessories in The 411.

By August 2, 2010


AT&T pushes quick-messaging phones

AT&T executives at CTIA said there is an untapped market of customers interested in a new category of phone called quick messaging devices.

By March 24, 2010


INQ Mobile intros new phones; adds Twitter

INQ Mobile is introducing two new phones to the market, one of which allows for easy Tweeting on the go.

By August 4, 2009


Nokia sees bottom to mobile market malaise

Despite taking a beating, both Nokia and Sony Ericsson saw glimmers of hope in their latest results. Could the worst actually be over?

By July 16, 2009


INQ phone lets you tweet for cheap

The maker of Facebook and Skype phones reveals a planned Twitter phone, which lets users tweet on the go without having to pay smartphone prices.

By June 2, 2009


Report: AT&T may offer limited iPhone data plan

BusinessWeek report speculates a data plan price cut is part of the negotiations to keep AT&T as the exclusive wireless carrier for the device.

By May 18, 2009


Report: AT&T to cut iPhone service plan by $10

TheStreet.com reports that AT&T is considering cutting the price of its iPhone voice and data plan by $10 when the new iPhone comes out this summer.

By May 7, 2009


Turning cheap cell phones into smarter phones

A company called iSkoot says it can turn an inexpensive feature-phone into a Web-enabled device for checking Facebook updates and Twittering friends.

By March 11, 2009


Outlook for cell phone makers worsens

The worldwide recession will mean gloomier-than-expected sales for all cell phone makers and devices in 2009, say market research firms.

By March 12, 2009