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Ford's first full electric passenger car driving to the UK

The Ford Focus Electric will make its way to British roads next year, and can go 100 miles before needing a recharge.

By September 3, 2013


2013 Ford Fusion fun facts

Ford gave CNET an opportunity to drive the new Fusion and Fusion Hybrid, and provided much information about the newest generation of its midsize sedan.

By September 18, 2012


Ford SmartGauge with EcoGuide

The wackiest instrument panel yet may save gas.

November 4, 2008


Video: Ford's SmartGauge in motion

We've seen photos of the SmartGauge. Now see it in motion.

By November 3, 2008


CES: All eyes on Ford's electric Focus

CEO Alan Mulally's keynote brought onstage a new all-electric Focus, which the company says will charge twice as fast as its competition.

By January 7, 2011


52.5 mpg in a 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The weather was forecast to be 93 degrees, I was one of the few media attendees who had adhered to the request for business casual attire, and my driving partner was overdressed as well. Not exactly the uniform for competitive hypermiling in the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, but we were undeterred. We wanted the HD Radio.

By September 8, 2010


The Chevy Volt actually exists, and we drove it

The Chevrolet Volt arrives later this year to challenge the Toyota Prius for green car superiority. However, GM doesn't like to call the Volt a hybrid, choosing to classify it as an extended range electric vehicle (EREV).

By May 19, 2010


Lincoln adds a hybrid

At the 2010 New York auto show, Lincoln launches the 2011 MKZ Hybrid.

By April 1, 2010


Ford announces 'intelligent' system to link hybrids to power grid

Ford announces today an intelligent vehicle-to-grid communications and control system.

By August 18, 2009


2010 Fusion Hybrid goes 1,445 miles on single tank

Setting a world record a gasoline fueled midsized sedan, the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid traveled 1445.7 miles on a single tank of gas on Tuesday.

By April 29, 2009