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Microsoft shuts down foul-mouthed Santa IM bot

According to The Register, the now-disabled Windows Live Messenger Santa bot was prone to off-topic suggestions about oral sex.

By December 7, 2007


IMified: A command line for Web 2.0

IMified is the do-all for accessing popular Web apps like Google Calendar and WordPress from your mobile phone or IM client.

By February 5, 2007


Instant chat bot comes back to life

SmarterChild, a once-popular but now extinct "buddy" on AOL's Instant Messenger is poised to make a comeback--but its instant fact-finding will come at a price.

By January 29, 2003


AOL tries out new IM chat bot

The marketing machinery behind AOL Instant Messenger gets a new face as America Online tests a robot that answers questions about weather and stocks. Say hello to Zoe.

By January 27, 2003


Answer service too popular for AIM

SmarterChild, the automated answer service that predicts the weather, asks trivia questions, and plays blackjack, falls victim to its own success.

By July 1, 2002


Developers dig in to Google's toolbox

A new toolkit that allows software developers to automatically query the search site's database has spawned visions of real-time search results. But critics are skeptical.

By April 17, 2002


eBay enlists "buddy" to draw AOL users

The company is the latest to use instant messaging as a marketing tool, introducing an interactive agent to promote eBay with a limited number of AOL Instant Messenger users.

By March 18, 2002


ActiveBuddy lets companies control bots

The technology start-up plans to help companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Sabre Holdings build their own "bots" that send information in instant messages.

February 6, 2002


Intel hires buddy to chat about Pentium 4

The chipmaker adds a "bot" to its bag of marketing tricks for the Pentium 4, partnering with ActiveBuddy to provide information about the chip via instant messenger.

By October 16, 2001


Musicians befriend IM buddies

Warner Bros. is joining the instant chat craze by launching a self-branded IM buddy for one of its musicians, a sign that major record labels hope to grab music fans where they live online.

By August 28, 2001