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Zoku chills out with slushy maker

The Zoku Slush and Shake Maker makes no-fuss chilled drinks in as little as 7 minutes. With no moving parts to deal with, the chilled beverage maker is perfect for warm, lazy days.

By March 22, 2013


Zoku Ice Cream Bowl makes ice cream while you eat it

The Zoku Ice Cream Bowl consists of a stainless steel bowl and an colorful exterior sleeve. When ingredients are poured in, the prechilled bowl freezes them into a ready-to-eat sweet treat.

By May 15, 2014


Uber kicks off the holidays with Christmas tree deliveries

Not up to wrangling with a Christmas tree this year? Let the on-demand car service do it for $135.

By December 4, 2013


Kitchen gadget gift ideas for Christmas

Here's 10 great kitchen gadgets, from reinvented kettles to see-through toasters, that would make perfect pressies.

By November 29, 2012


2012 Ford Focus Electric: The strong, silent type (first drive)

Ford takes a shot over the bow of the Nissan Leaf, and CNET Car Tech takes a Focus with no tailpipe for a spin.

By April 16, 2012


New York's quest to become 'the digital city'

The New York City Economic Development Corporation's frenetic burst of projects in support of digital innovation have raised a few eyebrows--and made entrepreneurs excited that they can change the way the city runs.

By January 27, 2011


BP suffers snag in oil containment effort

A four-story containment dome, seen as the best short-term way to stem the flow from a ruptured Gulf of Mexico oil well, gets filled with crystallized gas and has to be set aside.

By May 8, 2010


Margaritas on the move

Portable blender brings margarita to the great outdoors.

By June 17, 2009


How to make an 'Apple iMartini'

Steve Jobs would be proud.

By January 9, 2007