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Roku shutting down VideoBuzz channel for streaming YouTube on the sly

VideoBuzz will be closing its channel on April 17, after receiving a takedown notice from Roku.

By April 15, 2013

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PlayStation 3)

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time completely nails the style and feel of the original trilogy, but doesn't do much to separate itself as a reimagined franchise.

February 7, 2013


Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time trailer

Sly Cooper is back in his first adventure since PlayStation 2.

February 7, 2013


Thank you, Facebook: A way to demote annoying 'friends' on the sly

There's no chance of hurt feelings, but the upshot is that you'll see a lot less of their wonder-of-me moments in your News Feed every day.

By March 22, 2012


Nokia takes sly dig at Apple over phone grip styles

Trust the world's largest phone maker to educate us on how to hold our phone the right way.

By June 29, 2010


Review: Maingear's high-end, tri-SLI Ephex gaming PC

Review of Maingear's $8,800 Ephex gaming desktop

By January 27, 2009


SlyDial launches mobile apps for easy weasel calls

Get SlyDial on your Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, or iPhone right now with three new apps that let you avoid having to remember phone numbers to call straight to voice mail.

By November 17, 2008


George Clinton, 'Ain't That Peculiar ft. Sly Stone and El Debarge': Free MP3 of the Day

The simplicity of the grooves is actually their strong suit. Clinton's crew puts illegal amounts of swing into even a basic funk lick. Download a free MP3 of "Ain't That Peculiar ft. Sly Stone and El Debarge" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By September 1, 2008


AVADirect Core 2 SLI DDR3 Gaming System

AVADirect has a very strong value proposition in its Core 2 SLI DDR3 Gaming System. Assuming you can navigate the daunting shopping Web site, we recommend this system to tech-savvy shoppers who know exactly the components they want.

July 1, 2008

4 stars Editors' rating July 1, 2008

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SlyDial officially launches with premium service, handy shortcuts

SlyDial launches its shady voice mail service. If you've ever wanted to leave someone a message without having to call and talk to them, this is for you.

By July 21, 2008