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Mike Olson, co-founder of Sleepycat, leaves Oracle

Mike Olson has left Oracle to explore other things...like saving the planet.

By February 7, 2008


Sleepycat database fuels Juniper Networks

Open-source Sleepycat hasn't gone to bed at Oracle. On the contrary, it just signed a massive deal.

By October 30, 2007


Gartner: Agenda behind EU's Sun-Oracle probe

Q&A Analyst Donald Feinberg sees a "political agenda" behind the European Commission's decision to investigate Oracle's planned takeover of Sun

By September 10, 2009


Open-source M&A: The scorecard to date

Acquisitions of open-source companies appear to be paying good dividends to those who've bought in, however rich the valuation.

By August 18, 2009


Apache makes its first $420 million

The Apache license just got its first big validation as a critical business tool for start-ups, not just software behemoths.

By August 12, 2009


Big data and Cloudera: Follow the money

Cloudera raises another $6 million to further its Hadoop commercialization efforts.

By June 1, 2009


Microsoft cleared to commit code to Apache

Redmond is given clearance to commit software to Apache's Hadoop project, which also got help this week from open-source entrepreneur Mike Olson.

By October 14, 2008


Oracle consumes 44 percent of the database market

Oracle continues to grow its market share through its consolidation strategy.

By June 30, 2008


Mike Olson joins Hyperic...sort of

Mike Olson isn't fully back in the entrepreneurship game just yet, but his consulting for Hyperic puts him on the right track.

By June 9, 2008


Open Season (Episode 17): Is Mike Olson the smartest man in the room?

Episode 17. Open Season. Mucho fun.

By May 19, 2008