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Mike Olson, co-founder of Sleepycat, leaves Oracle

Mike Olson has left Oracle to explore other things...like saving the planet.

By February 7, 2008


Sleepycat database fuels Juniper Networks

Open-source Sleepycat hasn't gone to bed at Oracle. On the contrary, it just signed a massive deal.

By October 30, 2007


Underexposed blog: Links of the day

Hiccups with Apple Aperture and D300 raw...Canon G9 image quality...a decade of open-source...Dilbert discovers virtualization...Mike Olson leaves Sleepycat...Getty troubles.

By February 12, 2008


Mike Olson: Sleepy cat no more

Mike Olson sold his company to Oracle. Now he's going for Round II.

By May 10, 2008


Open Season (Episode 17): Is Mike Olson the smartest man in the room?

Episode 17. Open Season. Mucho fun.

By May 19, 2008


Open Season Episode 17: I can't believe we are still doing podcasts

Podcasts are sometimes more fun than Twitter

By May 19, 2008


Mike Olson joins Hyperic...sort of

Mike Olson isn't fully back in the entrepreneurship game just yet, but his consulting for Hyperic puts him on the right track.

By June 9, 2008


Oracle consumes 44 percent of the database market

Oracle continues to grow its market share through its consolidation strategy.

By June 30, 2008


Oracle Database 11g ready for launch

After nearly a nine-month beta, Oracle Database 11g is set to launch Wednesday.

By July 9, 2007