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Carrot Alarm for iOS

If you battle the urge to keep hitting the snooze button, Carrot Alarm delivers more fun and more features than other alarm apps.

By Aug. 20, 2013

4 stars Editor's rating Aug. 20, 2013

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Get Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, and Just Cause 2 for $23.99

That's less than half what you'd pay for Tomb Raider alone. This PC game bundle is one of the best I've seen for action fans. Plus: two software freebies!

By Jun. 27, 2013


Caffeinate Mountain Lion to prevent it from sleeping

The "caffeinate" Terminal command offers some quick options for keeping sleep from interrupting your Mac.

By Jan. 22, 2013


Soft headphones meant for sleeping go wireless

The company behind SleepPhones is introducing a wireless version of its headset that it claims to be the most comfortable for sleeping.

By Jan. 10, 2013


How to tackle waking a stubbornly sleeping Mac

If your Mac takes a long time to wake from sleep and seems to require a reset when it does, here are a few things to try.

By Oct. 9, 2012


Renew SleepClock knows when you're sleeping

They say you spend a third of your life sleeping. With Renew SleepClock, you'll not only get an audio dock, but you'll get the low-down stats on if you're getting a good night's rest as well.

By Jul. 12, 2012


Options for sleeping displays in OS X

Sleeping displays on your Mac can be convenient if you are quickly leaving your system and want to conserve energy. Here are some options for how to do this in OS X.

By Jul. 18, 2011


Sleeping Macs stopping AppleTV content

Users of the AppleTV have noticed that when their Macs are streaming content to the AppleTV and the Mac goes into sleep mode, the content on the AppleTV stops.

By May. 8, 2009


Does your iPad prevent you from sleeping?

Some researchers are starting to believe that using your gadgets late at night, or leaving them on in the bedroom, affects sleep patterns.

By May. 17, 2010


One inflatable sleeping coat to rule them all

The Inflatable Sleeping Coat by designer Lin Tsui-Wei is one hardworking, multipurpose piece of survival gear--it's a raincoat, sleeping coat, sleeping bag, and even mattress rolled into one.

By Mar. 1, 2010