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Barbie Star Trek Orion slave-girl doll dances into reality

An iconic Star Trek alien known for a seductive shimmy scene arrives as a limited-edition scantily clad Barbie doll.

By June 9, 2016


Make this massive Jabba the Hutt inflatable your lawn slave

Prepare for the new Star Wars movie by installing a fat inflatable Jabba the Hutt in front of your house.

By September 30, 2015


Princess Leia's slave costume could fetch $120,000 at auction

You might have to bid against Jabba the Hutt for the right to own a set-used Princess Leia costume from "Return of the Jedi."

By September 17, 2015


Building the Lego Star Wars Boba Fett and Slave I

The Lego Star Wars Slave I kit takes around 5 hours to build. Here's everything that went into bringing Boba Fett's ship to life condensed to just over a minute.

By July 11, 2015


Up close and personal with the Lego Star Wars Slave I (pictures)

We take a closer look at some of the cooler features of the Lego Star Wars Boba Fett and his ship, the Slave I, in all their studded glory.

19 Images By July 11, 2015


Star Trek Christmas ornaments just keep getting weirder

A salt-starved shaggy alien monster stars in the latest strange Star Trek ornament from Hallmark.

By July 11, 2016


Game developer Barbie gets it right by being cool and capable

Mattel's new game developer Barbie doll packs a laptop with real coding graphics and exudes gaming and techie smarts.

By June 17, 2016


Dark side of the moon: The grim history of NASA's space race

On this day in history: June 20 marks some important milestones in the dark history of human space exploration.

By June 19, 2016


'Warcraft' explained: What you need to know to understand the movie

If you don't know your Azeroth from your elbow, we fill in the basics you need to know.

By June 10, 2016


Oscar winner '12 Years a Slave' sees illegal downloads triple

One of the side effects of winning an Academy Award for best picture is experiencing an uptick in piracy.

By March 4, 2014