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Our new neighbours: Rare dwarf galaxies found orbiting the Milky Way

Researchers have found rare satellite dwarf galaxies and candidate dwarf galaxies in orbit around our Milky Way, the largest number of such satellites ever found in one go.

By March 10, 2015


'Nomad' planets roam Milky Way without stars

Researchers estimate planets that don't orbit a sun could greatly outnumber the stars in the Milky Way and speculate that these nomad planets could harbor bacterial life.

By February 24, 2012


Stanford researchers invent transparent li ion battery

New battery technology that drops visible materials like copper and aluminum could bring see-through gadgets a step closer, scientists say.

By July 26, 2011


Feds block workers from WikiLeaks, mirror sites

Department of Energy employees at Sandia and other labs are blocked from visiting WikiLeaks and its myriad of mirror sites because it will "contaminate" their computers.

By December 6, 2010


Capturing atomic images via ultrafast X-ray pulses

The Linac Coherent Light Source at Stanford University produces ultrafast pulses of X-rays powerful enough to make images of single molecules.

By February 23, 2010


Inside CERN with a collider scientist

Crave UK chats with a particle physicist directly involved in the Large Hadron Collider experiments to get a sense of what it's like to work in a geek heaven.

By November 30, 2009


Interview: Inside CERN with an LHC scientist

We interview one of the physicists looking for the Higgs boson at CERN. He talks to us about what it's like working at the geekiest place on Earth -- stand by for science!

By November 27, 2009