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skype 5.3 for mac os x lion


Questions rise over Skype wiretapping

Some suspect Skype's changes will aid government surveillance, and it's time to prepare for Apple's Mountain Lion release.

By July 23, 2012


Skype for Mac update adds Lion support, HD calls

Skype has updated its Mac application to support Apple's latest OS. It's also added added HD video calling to the mix.

By August 8, 2011


Microsoft's Skype deal to win EU approval, report says

The approval, which has yet to be made public, paves the way for Microsoft to complete its acquisition of Skype.

By October 6, 2011


Best USB microphones for high-quality Skype audio

WTOP-FM, an all-news station in Washington, D.C., has compiled a list of the best USB microphones at different price levels for high-quality Skype audio.

By July 26, 2011


Skype says outage hitting 'small number' of users

The VoIP provider spreads the word about troubles this morning after users take to Twitter to complain about the outage.

By June 7, 2011


Skype suffers outage, delivers quick fix

The VoIP service was down for a "small number" of users this morning, the company says as it provides an initial workaround and promises an easier fix soon.

By May 26, 2011


Skype updates latest beta with 10-way video calling

The newest beta of Skype 5.0 lets you video chat with up to 10 people, send an IM to someone who's offline, and better recover from dropped calls.

By September 3, 2010


Skype Video Messages roll out, will hit Windows in April

The feature lets you send clips of up to three minutes long to a Skype contact.

By February 16, 2013


Skype to open-source far too little

Internet phone company plans to open-source only the graphical user interface for its Linux client, which could burn the company's bridges with the open-source community.

By November 4, 2009


Week in review: eBay cuts off Skype

E-commerce giants cuts its Internet phone unit loose, while book publishers and authors grapple with Google. Also: The Internet turns 40.

By September 4, 2009