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Skyhook CEO undaunted by mobile giants

The company's technology is now a feature of Android and iOS and the subject of a suit against Google. But Ted Morgan sees opportunity in new markets and Skyhook's patent portfolio.

By June 8, 2011


Dark Knight Rises: Batman's best gadgets from the movies

We've picked our favourite gadgets from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

By July 21, 2012


Skyhook sues Google over Motorola mapping deal

Google has been accused of forcing Motorola to drop Skyhook's mapping technology for its own, as well as violating patents held by Skyhook.

By September 15, 2010


Skyhook's love/hate relationship with GPS

CEO of the geolocation company says Wi-Fi is what you need to get your bearings fast, but GPS has a few uses too.

By July 8, 2009


How Android isn't really that open

GetJar CEO Iljas Laur lays out why Google exerts more control than you think, and what it means for developers.

By December 12, 2011


Removing your Wi-Fi network from Google's map

Google tells privacy-conscious Wi-Fi hotspot owners how to opt out of its crowdsourced database, which is used to speed up location fixes.

By November 14, 2011


How piracy ruins it for paid apps (Inside Apps)

The issue of pirates ripping off paid apps and reselling them is a surprisingly common problem in the Android marketplace.

By September 19, 2011


How companies use Wi-Fi to track you (roundup)

The way tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft collect and use geolocation tracking information has come under scrutiny in recent months out of potential privacy concerns.

By September 1, 2011


Microsoft collects phone location data without permission, says researcher

Samy Kamkar, hired by class action law firm, says he's found an example of a Windows Phone 7 app transmitting latitude and longitude even if the user says "no."

By September 1, 2011


Microsoft's Web map exposes phone, PC locations

Microsoft collects and publishes the locations of laptops, phones, and other Wi-Fi devices without taking the privacy precautions that Google and Skyhook Wireless have, CNET has learned.

By July 29, 2011