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Opera buying Skyfire for mobile-video technology

To boost its business with mobile network operators, the Norwegian browser maker is spending up to $155 million for the Silicon Valley startup.

By February 14, 2013


Skyfire's Android browser gets its Groupon

The mobile browser gets a bevy of new features on Android, including integration with Groupon's deal-a-day service.

By April 21, 2011


SkyFire 3.0 browser for Android is hot for Facebook

SkyFire 3.0 for Android is out, and is handy if you want to keep a deep link with Facebook while they're browsing the Web.

By November 24, 2010


3 lessons from Skyfire's botched iPhone launch

Skyfire's shaky iPhone browser launch tell us something important about iPhone users, Flash video, and the way forward.

By November 10, 2010


Skyfire's iPhone browser 'sells out' due to shaky bandwidth

Have you ever heard of an iPhone app selling out of stock? Neither had we, until one browser company used it as a cover up for a service failure.

By November 3, 2010


Skyfire 3.0 for iPhone gets cozier with Facebook

Skyfire's Flash video-playing iPhone browser gets a few more features in its first update.

By March 2, 2011


Skyfire browser brings Flash to iPad

Skyfire for iPad plays back Flash video content on a Flash-unfriendly iPad. Here's how it differs from the iPhone app, and if it's worth the $5 price tag.

By December 23, 2010


Skyfire browser will run Flash videos on the iPhone and iPad

Something unbelievable has happened. A mobile browser running Flash videos has been allowed into the App Store, via a little bit of cloud trickery.

By November 3, 2010


Skyfire previews its Flash video-streaming iPhone browser

Skyfire's mobile browser streams Flash video on the iPhone. The app is still going through Apple's approval process, but we got a hands-on look at what's to come.

By October 21, 2010


Skyfire promises Flash video playback on its iPhone app

Mobile browser-maker Skyfire submits its mobile app for the iPhone, whose big draw will be playing back Flash video that's been transcoded into HTML 5 standards.

By September 1, 2010