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Parajet Skycar: £60,000 flying car available now for pre-order

The British-developed Parajet Skycar has undergone a funky redesign and is now available for pre-order with a tentative release date of early 2010. That's right, friends, the future is next year!

3 Images By July 20, 2009


BOL 1022: Load balancing in space

On the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, we sadly report on the state of the broken toilet in the International Space Station. It means astronauts have to split up which toilets they use in order to load balance. No. Seriously.

By July 20, 2009


Entecho hoverpod: The future of travel?

Aussies put their stamp on the Jetsons' preferred way of travel.

By May 6, 2009


Photos: A car flight from London to Timbuktu

Two British adventurers are embarking on a 42-day journey by land and sea in what they're calling the "world's first bio-fueled flying car."

By January 13, 2009


Friday Poll: Which flying car do you give a leap about?

The last couple of months have seen Crave covering a number of flying cars. Which one would you want to own in the next five years?

By January 16, 2009


Where's my hoverboard? And other movie tech we want now

There are plenty of cool gadgets in real life, but imagine if technology in films could be made. Here's a list of some of the movie technology we'd love to see manufactured in the near future

By February 19, 2008


Slide show: The future of tech

From flying cars to sci-fi medicine to time travel, we expound upon the top 10 technological inventions and concepts that we could see in the near or distant future.

By July 10, 2007