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Best of Buzz Out Loud 6: IBM Turns 100, Laser Jellyfish and Facebook Guns for Apple. (Podcast)

100 Years of IBM milestones, scientists combine a human cell and a jellyfish into a living laser and Facebook is armed wih HTML5 and going after Apple.

By June 20, 2011


Bill and Melinda Gates take a $1 million stand for gun control

The couple donates $1 million to support a Washington state initiative that would require criminal background checks on firearm sales at gun shows and online.

By August 27, 2014


Congress: Undetectable 3D-printed guns are still illegal

Legislators vote to renew an expiring ban on plastic firearms that are able to slip past metal detectors and X-ray machines.

By December 9, 2013


Cobra's 2009 detectors boast new GPS abilities

The new line offers drivers long-range protection from all radar and laser guns across North America, and it includes six units compatible with Cobra's GPS-based speed and red light camera database.

By November 4, 2008


What happens when smart guns mix with Google Glass

A Glass app created by rifle-maker Tracking Point lets shooters hit targets "around corners, from unsupported positions, behind the back, to the side, and over barricades."

By June 5, 2014


Police radar gun that shows if you're texting?

Think radar guns can only detect your speed? A company in Virginia is trying to extend their use.

By September 17, 2014


Water-cool your PC - Put water tubing in your PC

Step 6: If you're worried that your CPU is about to catch fire, it might be time to call in the big guns. Learn how to install an internal/external watercooling system with the tips and tricks in our Weekend Project.

May 21, 2008


Military starts testing smart rifles for battlefield use

The US Army buys a handful of computer systems that can turn lesser-trained soldiers into premier snipers.

By February 10, 2014


3D-printed guns may face regulations, bans in New York

Both New York City and New York State introduce legislation to either curb the making of 3D-printed firearms or ban their use altogether.

By June 13, 2013


Xbox 360 Gears up for War (and Christmas)

Microsoft needs this to be a huge Christmas for its next-gen console before the PS3 gets here -- so it's rolling out the big guns: Pro Evo 6, Viva Piñata and the insane Gears of War

By October 13, 2006