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USB 3.0: Nvidia responds to Intel, SiS joins fight

Nvidia has responded to Intel's latest statement on the USB 3.0 specification. Chipset maker SiS has joined the group of four.

By June 13, 2008


Chip giant SiS backs Athlon 64

Taiwan-based Silicon Integrated Systems smoothes the way for computer makers to support AMD's upcoming Athlon 64 with two chipsets tailored to the processor.

By September 22, 2003


Microsoft selects SIS for Xbox chipset

Taiwanese chipmaker Silicon Integrated Systems will help create input/output chips for the Xbox, another significant step in the makeover of Microsoft's gaming box.

By November 4, 2003


Chipmaker SiS extends its Rambus ties

Silicon Integrated Systems may be close to launching a new chipset for Pentium 4 PCs using Rambus memory. But after about a year on the market, RDRAM is still not well loved.

By November 12, 2001


New & Noteworthy: PowerSchool SIS V3.0;

New & Noteworthy: PowerSchool SIS V3.0;

By June 17, 2002


SiS chipset means cheaper P4 PCs

Computers with Intel's Pentium 4 processor will get a little cheaper next month with the release of a new chipset aimed at the lower end of the PC market. Taiwan's Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) this week announced its SiS650 integrated chipset, aimed at PCs in the $800 to $1,200 range. The new chipset includes SiS's 315 graphics core and low-cost double data rate memory and PC133 memory, making it possible to build low-cost systems. Intel's equivalent is the recently released 845 chipset. Until recently, Pentium 4 systems were available only at relatively high prices, partly because its chipset supported only expensive Rambus memory. SiS's new chipset will ship in October and sell for $39 each in quantities of 10,000. Intel has also signed licenses with Acer Laboratories and ATI Technologies to produce the chipsets. A chipset allows the processor to communicate with other PC components, such as memory and input/output devices. Staff writer Matthew Broersma reported from London.

By September 26, 2001


SiS and Via prepare Pentium 4 chipsets

It seems the Pentium 4 could finally move into the mainstream with new chipsets that will let the processor use cheaper memory--but they aren't coming from Intel.

By August 6, 2001


Another new chip moves onto the block

A week after Nvidia's launch of the GeForce FX graphics chip, Taiwan's SiS introduces its latest entry for price-conscious gamers: the Xabre 600.

By November 26, 2002


New Apple system tracks student data

Apple Computer on Monday announced PowerSchool SIS version 3.0, the latest version of its Web-based student information system, which enables teachers and administrators to keep track of grades and other student data. The new version adds an improved master schedule builder, improved user interface and support for computers running Mac OS X. Apple made the announcement at the National Educational Computing Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

June 17, 2002


Short Take: SIS, Via beef up chipsets

Two Taiwanese companies have announced plans for future chipsets, which connect the microprocessor to the rest of the computer. SIS said it will release a chipset containing integrated graphics for AMD's Athlon and Duron processors in September for $42. Meanwhile, Via Technologies announced an architecture for chipsets that can use Double Data Rate (DDR) DRAM, a faster version of today's computer memory. Samples of these DDR chipsets, which will work with Intel and AMD processors, will come out in the first half of 2001.

By August 7, 2000