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CSR absorbs GPS chip company SiRF

British company acquiring maker of GPS chips used by TomTom, Garmin, others.

By February 10, 2009


Broadcom wins latest patent battle over GPS technology

A judge has ruled against SiRF Technology's request to re-examine an earlier ruling that Broadcom has not infringed against the company's patents.

By August 15, 2008


Coming in 2008: GPS-enabled cameras?

The founder of GPS chip designer Sirf Technology believes some cameras next year will know where they're taking photos, partly through new technology that can get a location fix faster.

By November 29, 2007


GPS receiver on a keychain

It's not the most sophisticated, but it beats having to carry a second handheld.

By September 20, 2007


New GPS platform aims to save batteries

CSR's new architecture, designed for mobile phones and other portable devices, can run in an "aware" state that uses very little power.

By July 29, 2009


Sony NV-U73T and NV-U83T available in stores now

Sony announces the retail availability of its Sony NV-U73T and Sony NV-U83T portable navigation systems.

By February 26, 2008


RightWay 550 GPS navigator

With powerful and customizable navigation hardware and software, the RightWay 550 is a great GPS device for advanced users. Those looking for an easy-to-use GPS device, however, will probably want to look elsewhere.

June 15, 2010

3 stars Editors' rating June 15, 2010

New Sony NV-U83T and Sony NV-U73T GPS units focus on safety

Sony adds two portable navigation systems, the Sony NV-U83T and the Sony NV-U73T, to its lineup.

By January 6, 2008


Asus Mypal A636: right on time

The Asus Mypal A636 is a handheld organiser with integrated GPS for satellite navigation, so you'll never get lost again. Unless you run out of batteries

By January 20, 2006


Mio looking to capture new audience with GPS camera

At Computex 2008, Mio Technology introduces a new concept digital camera with integrated GPS.

By June 3, 2008