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Mourning, unease after Silicon Valley slayings

The man suspected of killing three employees at a start-up Friday was terminated, not laid off. But given the economic climate, the incident still has folks worried.

By November 17, 2008


Microsoft Zune HD: Under the hood

It only hit retail Tuesday, but iFixit has already done a tear-down of the device and found a Nvidia Tegra processor based on the power-frugal ARM chip design.

By September 15, 2009


BOL 1072: Mustache-twirling jerks at AT&T

As AT&T tries to accuse Google of violating Net neutrality, Molly wonders if they really just want to be seen as a villain. Also while you should never call anything unhackable, the Netbooks being given to students in Australia are pretty tight.

By September 28, 2009


After a layoff, a family learns to cope

Balancing the checkbook is a tense chore for an unemployed IT consultant and his wife. Their story is becoming less unique.

By December 5, 2008