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Inside Bose's secret research lab

Bose has always taken great pride in its technical innovations and the quality of its products. But new CEO Bob Maresca is betting on a new approach to get Bose to the next level: telling people what this secretive company is all about.

By February 3, 2016


Amazon unveils single sign-on service for Web sites and apps

The new "Login with Amazon" service will allow users to sign into Web sites, apps, and games with their Amazon accounts.

By May 29, 2013


Alibaba breaks sales record on China's 'Singles Day'

China's e-commerce giant pulls in $9.3 billion on the world's biggest online shopping day -- a sign of Alibaba's sales clout.

By November 11, 2014


Google expands its Google+ single sign-in feature

Google+ users will find even more ways to use the same log-in credentials to access Web sites, apps, and share information.

By April 2, 2013


Android signs up for official default setting for texting

A single messaging app for Android might be closer than you think, as Google unveils new settings in KitKat to officially set a default text-messaging app.

By October 15, 2013


Facebook introduces single sign-on for mobile apps, services

Facebook's single sign-on, announced today, will replace Facebook Connect to log you onto partner sites and services using your Facebook credentials.

By November 3, 2010


Facebook updates mobile apps, touts single sign-on (live blog)

Follow CNET's live coverage of the event taking place Wednesday morning at the company's headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. So far it's all about Facebook's phone platform.

By November 3, 2010


Windows 8.1 to let you secure folders with your fingerprint

The update to Windows 8 will natively support fingerprint recognition, letting users sign into accounts and lock down folders with a single swipe.

By June 4, 2013


Jadoos offers a single sign-on widget

Silicon Valley company shows an iPhone-esque desktop widget at Demo 09 that makes it simple for users to log into many sites without having to remember many passwords.

By March 3, 2009


Webware Radar: Zoho completes single sign-on for all apps

Also: Mio.tv has acquired Wamba for approximately $5.1 million; Sedo acquired RevenueDirect for an undisclosed sum; and myYearbook.com has donated over $250,000 in its early stages to global warming initiatives.

By February 24, 2009