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Sina.com's anti-CNN imagery is violent

Logo looks like something CNN would cook up at the dawn of a new military campaign, but this time the computer-generated bullet holes are in the CNN logo itself.

By April 21, 2008


Apple eyes 25 more stores in China

CEO Tim Cook says the company plans to open 25 retail stores in China over next two years, according to an interview posted on Chinese web portal Sina.com.

By October 23, 2014


Chinese search engine develops Google Glass rival, says report

Baidu.com is working on wearable tech called the Baidu Eye, the Chinese media reports.

By April 2, 2013


Images of alleged iPhone 5 logic board, USB cable surface

Blurry images of logic board show internal chipset but no processor, while a single photo purportedly shows the sync cable for the much-rumored, smaller USB docking port.

By August 22, 2012


Apple, Proview battling over price to settle iPad trademark fight

The two companies seem willing to settle their iPad trademark dispute but remain far apart on a settlement price.

By May 10, 2012


Kootol targets Microsoft, Apple, others over patent

India-based Kootol Software is taking aim at more than 30 companies for what it says is a violation of a patent it has the rights to.

By July 15, 2011


Short Take: Dell stakes Sina.com

Dell Computer took a stake in the Chinese Internet portal Sina.com, the portal firm announced today. Dell has invested $60 million in the firm and will join the ranks of financers Softbank, Sumitro, Trend Micro, and United Overseas Bank of Singapore. Also, Softbank's chief financial officer, Yoshitaka Kitao, has joined the Chinese portal company's board of directors.

November 9, 1999


In post-Google China, censorship is unfazed

The People's Republic of China doesn't have Google search to kick around any more, but it's still got network filters and cautious Web surfers and site owners under its thumb.

By March 26, 2010