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AT&T LTE stretches into 35 new markets

The carrier's LTE expansion continues apace, bringing its fastest 4G data speeds to additional cities.

By July 2, 2013


Intel vs. Nvidia: The tech behind the legal case

The FTC has been looking into whether Intel engaged in anticompetitive behavior against Nvidia. An expert weighs in on the tech behind the case.

By July 16, 2010


Intel sheds a little more light on Silverthorne

The tiny Silverthorne chip is power-efficient, but it's still not quite enough for Intel to take on the smartphone industry.

By February 5, 2008


Intel pitching Silverthorne, Itanium at ISSCC

World's largest chipmaker plans to present technical papers on two of its more interesting designs, the low-power Silverthorne chip and a quad-core Itanium processor, during the ISSCC conference this week.

By February 3, 2008


Report: Apple to use Intel's Silverthorne chip in 2008

Apple is apparently considering Intel's upcoming low-power chip for use in 2008, but it's not likely that it will have Intel inside the iPhone next year.

By December 21, 2007


Roadmap of future Intel Netbook chips surfaces

Netbook processor roadmap extends all the way to 2010 with the 32-nanometer generation of silicon.

By December 7, 2008


Intel's Larrabee--more and less than meets the eye

The many-core x86 Larrabee processor is designed for more than graphics, but will likely offer less performance at a higher price than competing graphics chips.

By August 5, 2008


Apple getting ready for 'product transition'

Sometime over the next few months, it will be out with the old and in with the new at Apple. But what's in store: new iPods, new Macs, or something else altogether?

By July 21, 2008


AMD eyeing netbooks with low-power chip?

A presentation slide for a new AMD processor has turned up, perhaps signaling the company's future intention to spruce up products for small notebooks and handheld devices.

By June 18, 2008


Intel Atom N270: The brains behind the mini laptop revolution

Last week, we brought you a full hands-on with the MSI Wind, but we couldn't tell you what CPU it was using. Today, the secret's out

By June 3, 2008