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Docs turn to silkworms to spin a better bone implant

Scientists from Harvard and Tufts create silk screws and plates for use in healing bone fractures. Unlike their steel counterparts, these could dissolve in the body and even be used to deliver antibiotics.

By March 5, 2014


Silkworms work with robot to make 3D-printed dome

A team from MIT's Media Lab pair a robotic arm with a swarm of 6,500 silkworms to explore the relationship between digital and biological fabrication.

By June 10, 2013


Brocade releases low-end storage switch

Brocade Communications announced Thursday a low-end switch that supports the new and faster 2-gigabit-per-second version of the Fibre Channel standard for joining storage systems and servers. The Silkworm 3200, with eight ports, joins the 16-port Silkworm 3800 as well as competing products such as the 10-port Slingshot 4210 from Gadzoox. Brocade hopes the new switch will help smaller companies adopt storage area networks (SANs), a networking technology that has been expensive and complex. The switch is available as of Thursday and is expected to cost less than 1-gigabit-per-second Fibre Channel switches.

By February 28, 2002


HP releases new storage-networking gear

Hewlett-Packard has released two new products for making storage devices available over networks. The eight-port Surestore Entry Switch FC switch--an HP-branded version of Brocade Communications' new Silkworm 3200 switch--lets customers build storage networks using the Fibre Channel networking technology. It has a starting cost of $5,599, HP said Tuesday. A higher-end version, with more sophisticated connections to other switches, costs $16,780 and up. In addition, HP began selling the Surestore NAS 8000, a device that bridges between regular Ethernet networks and Fibre Channel storage area networks. The system, with a starting price of $36,500, effectively lets HP's VA and XP line of storage devices share files like a regular file server attached to an Ethernet network.

By March 5, 2002