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Escort Passport Max

The Passport Max isn't exactly a bargain, but with improved detection performance and fewer annoying false alerts, it certainly justifies its price tag.

December 20, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating December 20, 2013

Tapping 'noise canceling' data signals for faster Internet

Researchers have found a rather elegant way to improve data speeds on existing fiber technology, according to the BBC.

By May 28, 2013


Sounding the alarm: Which noises make the cut for Ford warning signals?

Ford engineers use math and music theory to develop warning tones for the 2012 Ford Focus.

By October 25, 2010


Twitter CEO: 250 million tweets a day--now what?

CEO Dick Costolo tells an audience at the Web 2.0 Summit that Twitter's key challenge is to separate the "signal from the noise.

By October 17, 2011


Fielding calls without a ring or vibration

'Signal Cell Phone Adviser' alerts without adding to noise pollution.

By July 25, 2007


Photoshop Elements 7 preview: A little whiz, mostly gee

Adobe has added just enough useful new features to make it worth an upgrade, but the signal-to-noise ratio is definitely dropping.

By August 25, 2008


Be* allows users to customise their connections

My ISP now allows me to adjust my connection's signal-to-noise margin, meaning I can make it faster or more reliable, depending on what I'm trying to do

By October 3, 2008


Free will may be an illusion, study says

The idea that we make autonomous choices may be nothing more than "background noise" in our brain, according to researchers at UC Davis.

By June 22, 2014


Diagnosing and addressing Wi-Fi signal quality problems

Wi-Fi signal dropouts can be from computer and router configuration problems, but also from physical interference.

By December 21, 2011