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Hummer lineup will expand

Automotive News reports on Sichuan Tengzhong's plans to add models to the Hummer lineup.

By June 12, 2009


A moment of silence, not even Googling, for earthquake victims

A week after the Sichuan earthquake lit up instant messengers and Twitter, Google statistics show a huge drop in searches during a national moment of silence.

By May 25, 2008


7.9 quake stuns Chinese tech region

Major earthquake strikes Sichuan region, killing more than 8,500 people, according to press reports. Motorola reports minor injuries and damage to Chengdu facility.

By May 12, 2008


Apple objects to Chinese food maker's logo, report says

A maker of flour and noodles reportedly receives a letter from Apple, asking it to change its logo, which might seem, to objective eyes, to resemble LG's more than Apple's.

By September 6, 2011


Apple, Samsung, others raise $32M after China earthquake

The two rivals lead a list of technology firms donating money in response to Saturday's powerful earthquake in China.

By April 22, 2013


Man drops phone down toilet, then drops self. Stuck for six hours

In a depressingly familiar tale, a Chinese man tries to fetch his phone, having dropped it in the loo. Firemen are called.

By June 6, 2014


China opens city-sized shopping mall, with fake sun

If you don't care about authenticity, the New Century Global Center has everything you could want, including an artificial Mediterranean village.

By July 3, 2013


Extraordinary earthquake lights explained -- they're not UFOs

The rare and colorful lights sometimes seen before major earthquakes could come from electric charges in certain types of rock.

By January 6, 2014


The Humvee bids the Hummer bye bye

The U.S. Army makes it clear that the military Humvee will remain American made, despite the fact that GM is selling the Hummer brand to a Chinese company.

By June 4, 2009


Foreign-language channels now available on Optus MeTV

Optus is beefing up the number of streaming television channels offered for its MeTV PVR (turned online media streamer), with a choice of four foreign-language packs.

By February 23, 2012