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Shuttleworth College

The Shuttleworth College app gives parents, pupils and teachers news and information about the college in their hands! See and hear all the latest...

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The Shuttleworth Collection

Thus app is designed to guide you around The Shuttleworth Collection, a unique flying collection showcasing the first one hundred years of flight.


Shuttleworth Discovery

The pilot of four vintage aircraft comes to life to share stories about the experience of flying each one, and what makes the aircraft special for...



Open House ID App - the new way to manage your open house inspections! This App makes your inspections faster and easier, whether you are a home...

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First Ubuntu phones go on sale in fall, Mark Shuttleworth reveals

We caught up with Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth to find out why he chose to partner with lesser-known manufacturers Meizu and BQ.

By February 26, 2014


Apple 'snapped up' sapphire displays, says Canonical founder

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth claims that Apple has acquired a large supply of sapphire displays, possibly alluding to displays with sapphire material that would be used on a future Apple iPhone.

By February 19, 2014


Ubuntu Touch OS wins its first smartphone partner

Canonical has inked its first deal with partner who'll put the Linux-basd operating system on its phones, founder Mark Shuttleworth reveals.

By December 10, 2013


Canonical founder: Apple's 64-bit chip to unify Mac, iPhone

Apple's 64-bit A7 is ultimately aimed at the desktop, Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth opines.

By October 11, 2013


Why the Ubuntu Edge is a success, even if it never exists

Former Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth is not deterred by the prospect of his ambitious Indiegogo campaign failing to meet its goal. In many ways, the project has already succeeded.

By August 6, 2013


Ubuntu Linux eyes tablet territory

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth tells ZDNet that his OS is ready to "embrace the challenge" of life on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

By October 31, 2011


Chrome may become Ubuntu's browser

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth says there is "a real possibility" that Chrome will replace Firefox as the bundled browser in future distributions of the Linux operating system.

By June 14, 2011


Mark Shuttleworth wins Wimbledon?

Mark Shuttleworth and Roger Federer bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. Perhaps they're the same person?

By July 8, 2009


Mark Shuttleworth's evolving Ubuntu desktop war

Mark Shuttleworth may be sitting on a massive market opportunity, all of which is predicated on free desktop bits.

By August 14, 2008


Ubuntu splits from GNOME UI

Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth on Monday detailed how Ubuntu will split from the GNOME user interface for Unity, which is its Netbook approach.

By October 25, 2010