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Metal Slug 2 brings side-scrolling, shoot-'em-up action to Android (pictures)

The classic arcade shooter Metal Slug 2 is now on Android.

7 Images By February 25, 2013


Teacher suspended for alleged 'shoot 'em up' Facebook post

A Tennessee kindergarten teacher apparently used her Facebook account to vent a bit. The school is not impressed.

By October 29, 2012


Gmail goes Galaga with bonus HTML5 shoot 'em up

Google has published a basic but fun little game to show its love for Gmail, where you control a flying envelope, shooting down obstacles such as rocks and cans of spam

By August 16, 2010


Microsoft's Halo 4: $220M in first 24 hours

Company says video game surpasses records set by previous installments of its shoot-em-up series.

By November 12, 2012


Acer Liquid Metal set to melt store shelves in two weeks' time

It's already won an award for having one of the best smart phone names of 2010, but can the Acer Liquid Metal make an impact in the Christmas Android shoot-em-up?

By October 29, 2010


Game trailer: Left 4 Dead 2

The zombie apocalyptic shoot-em-up game is back in Left 4 Dead 2 with four new characters and five new "movie" storylines.

November 13, 2009


Kongregate: Where the boys are

Flash game site adds tutorial so that fanboys can learn to build their own games. Up first: a side-scrolling space-themed shoot-em-up.

By October 14, 2008


MS to charge for game play

Microsoft jumps into the pay-for-play arena with a new shoot-'em-up at its Internet Gaming Zone.

October 15, 1997