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Sony E3 shockers still coming?

The new PSP GO leaked over the weekend, but a Sony PR rep's twitter post claims Sony still has some E3 surprises up its sleeve.

By Jun. 1, 2009


Obama shares Spotify playlist, likes Noah and the Whale

US president Barack Obama has shared his Spotify playlist and there are some surprising choices. Noah and the Whale? Ricky Martin?

By Feb. 10, 2012


preGame 32: Fallout: New Vegas

Today on preGame, we'll brave the post-apocalyptic Mojave Desert in search of the man who tried to kill us! Tune in as we try our luck with a demo of Fallout: New Vegas.

By Oct. 20, 2010


My take on the iPad: No Flash is foolish

Hey, wait a minute, this is a media consumption product, why doesn't this thing run a lot of the Flash sites I use every day?

By May. 16, 2010


iTunes Rewind shows off best-selling content of 2009

iTunes' rundown of the most popular iTunes music, movies, TV shows, and apps for 2009 has been released.

By Dec. 8, 2009


Rumor: Facebook to get 3 new features in Q1 2008

A report coming from the Inside Facebook blog today details three new features that may be making their debut in the first few months of 2008.

By Jan. 10, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 1220: There's no place like (podcast)

On today's show, we discuss the coming of the IPv4 black market, throwing more nanodots at the solid-state storage market, and we've got two tech industry shockers: First, Sirius posted a profit, and second: AT&T did a nice thing for a listener. Plus, file-sharers are either the content industry's biggest customers or way worse than bank robbers. You decide.

By May. 4, 2010