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Sherpa Beta Virtual Assistant (Android)

In a crowded field of voice-powered digital assistant apps for Android, Sherpa distinguishes itself with its ability to perform searches on the Web, take notes, post to Facebook, and even stream music on command.

April 17, 2013

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Move over Siri, Sherpa's in town

This digital assistant app, popular in Spain and Latin America, is rolling out in the U.S. today. Will it give Siri a run for its money?

By April 17, 2013


Correction: Sherpa Summit

This story initially misspoke about one of the speakers at the Sherpa Summit in Spain. Dell CEO Michael Dell was unable to attend the event.

By May 23, 2013


Siri competitor Sherpa goes after Google Glass

The CEO behind this natural language voice command app says it can operate Google Glass better than Google.

By May 23, 2013


Sherpa treks into view as new answer to Google Now on iOS

Predictive intelligence apps are all the rage as of late. Will Apple acquire one?

By March 25, 2013


Google Apps reseller Cloud Sherpas raises $40M

The start-up, which helps companies move to cloud services like Google Apps and Salesforce.com, also acquired CloudTrigger -- its eighth but not last buy.

By December 20, 2012


World's highest Webcam could use a Sherpa

Researchers installed the Webcam at more than 18,000 feet to keep an eye on Mount Everest. It's solar-powered and can withstand blasting winds and dangerous cold.

By September 30, 2011


Cloud Sherpas on acquisition-fueled growth spurt

Three acquisitions in two months mean the company gets more Google Apps specialists on staff and can offer its services in new areas.

By July 27, 2011


Sherpa debuts early on the Android Market

Android users can download Sherpa today on the Android Market.

By July 30, 2009


Call a Sherpa: Sigma's 200-500mm lens

Sigma is showing off a massive 200-500mm, F/2.8 zoom lens that weighs 88 pounds.

By March 8, 2007