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Foxconn worker allegedly sold iPhone 6 shells -- report

The person allegedly took six bodies for the iPhone 6 off the assembly line and sold them to a local gadget market in Shenzhen.

By September 16, 2014


Shenzhen Shazam!!!

Browsing through the CES Exhibitor Directory, you can't help but notice Shenzhen's presence.

By January 6, 2008


Apple pulls controversial Chinese game from App Store

The game's developer, Shenzhen ZQGame Network Co., has not said why it was pulled from the App Store.

By July 11, 2012


Apple looks to open two more stores in China

It will reportedly open new brick-and-mortar venues in Chengdu and Shenzhen. But if it does, might it face an injunction targeting the iPad?

By June 6, 2012


Apple to open yet another retail store in China

The new store will open at 9 a.m. local time on Saturday in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen. This follows recent store openings in Beijing and Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.

By October 29, 2012


China bureaucrat: iPad trademark belongs to Proview

An official at the National Copyright Administration says the Chinese government regards Shenzhen-based Proview as the rightful owner of the trademark for Apple's tablets.

By April 24, 2012


Apple launches Fair Labor inspections of Foxconn

The company says that manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China, will be inspected by a group "dedicated to ending sweatshop conditions in factories worldwide."

By February 13, 2012


Group says it found child workers at Samsung supplier factory

China Labor Watch says an investigation found at least three girls under the age of 16 working at an HTNS Shenzhen Co. factory that assembles Samsung cell phones. But Samsung denies the workers were underage.

By December 14, 2012


iPhone: made of glass, aluminium, arthritis and tears

Mike Daisey turned a trip to the factories of Shenzhen into a one-man show exploring our lust for the latest consumer technology. We spoke with Daisey about his experiences and his show, "The agony and the ecstasy of Steve Jobs".

By October 4, 2011


Schoolchildren used to smuggle iPhones into China, report says

Chinese custom officials have found some 30 cases this year where schoolchildren were used to smuggle electronics into the country, reports the Guangzhou Daily.

By April 24, 2014