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Ex-Firefox exec Shaver has plans for Facebook's Android app

Mike Shaver, formerly technical strategy leader for Mozilla's browser, now leads Facebook's Android app development. The jobs are closer than you might think.

By January 16, 2012


Mozilla loses strategy exec Mike Shaver

After six years helping to chart the course of the Firefox browser, Shaver is leaving the nonprofit that develops the open-source browser.

By September 16, 2011


Philips ARCitec 1095x: The F1 car of shavers

If you want to change shaving from a dull, low-tech chore into a high-tech time of excitement, carbon fibre and blue digital displays; then might we suggest the Philips ARCitec

By September 15, 2008


Philips flags off with the F1 AT&T Williams Shaver

Shaver was co-designed by Philips and apparently key members of the design team behind Williams' 2008 Formula One car, the WilliamsToyota FW30.

By August 14, 2008


Super sorbet shaver

Super shaver cuts ultrathin layers from frozen food to make deliciously smooth sorbet, sauce, and soup.

By June 27, 2008


Billy Joe Shaver, Little Brother, Dirty Projectors

Texas country outlaw Billy Joe Shaver, North Carolina hip-hop group Little Brother, and the Black Flag-inspired Dirty Projectors are the Download Music crew's picks this week on Crossfade TV.

May 21, 2008


Hands-on with the iShaver

We take a hands-on look at the wacky USB iShaver -- with photo evidence!

By June 13, 2006


Mozilla responds: Firefox is independent

In a recent interview with blogger Chris Soghoian, Mozilla's technology strategist Mike Shaver responded to and rejected claims that Firefox and Google are getting a bit too close for comfort. Mozilla is independent, with or without Google's $56 million.

By November 14, 2007


Firefox aims to make customization easier

Mozilla's director of ecosystem development, Mike Shaver, discusses changes to Firefox's add-on Web site that take a more user-friendly approach to customizing the popular browser. Originally set to go live on February 12, the revamped site will have a short delay to its launch.

November 1, 2007


Zero-Knowledge hires Mozilla's "international incident"

The Canadian firm whose Freedom software lets users conceal their identities online hires Mozilla.org's Mike Shaver in a step that signals the company's plans to move its software into open source development.

By January 18, 2000