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The security problem with shared-source software

Letting someone watch themselves die and ensuring they're impotent to stop it is a bad strategy....

By December 8, 2007


Microsoft's .Net gets the shared-source treatment

Nearly seven years after Redmond first released its .Net Framework, the company is making the source code for its libraries available to developers.

By October 3, 2007


QNX shares source code, kinda

QNX Neutrino project will let people see and tinker with the embedded operating system's source code--but not ship products with it.

By September 12, 2007


Microsoft shares source code with AIDS researchers

Researchers hope to use four specialized software tools to identify genetic patterns that could help development of HIV vaccine.

By June 13, 2007


Microsoft dips toe in shared source

The software giant's business-applications group experiments with code sharing with a group of 600 Solomon partners.

By November 2, 2005


Shared code indicates Flame, Stuxnet creators worked together

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab say code is shared in the two threats and that there was an exploit in Stuxnet that was previously unknown.

By June 11, 2012


Microsoft expands 'shared source' effort

The company is allowing "MVPs"--individuals who have been recognized by the software maker for their contributions to its online support community--access to its source code.

By October 22, 2003


Commentary: Shared source needs commitment

Microsoft has created a formal process for community involvement in technological development. Whether or not it can transform its traditionally proprietary roots will be tested.

June 28, 2001