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Six things I learned from six days on Pinterest

Since so many smart people I know (almost all of them women) are talking about Pinterest, it's time to see what the hype is all about.

By March 15, 2012


Google+ users spend increasingly less time on site

Despite a growing base of members, the search giant's social-networking effort is still in the minor leagues with users spending just 3.3 minutes per month on the site.

By February 27, 2012


Pinterest nearly equals Twitter and Google in referral traffic

A new study by Shareaholic shows that Pinterest is the fastest growing site for traffic referrals, driving more than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.

By February 1, 2012


Seven smart tricks to clean up and simplify your Facebook experience

Nobody likes change, but for the most part, there's little we can do about it. Facebook is counting on us to set aside our dislike for some of its recent changes long enough for them to become familiar, but we don't have to settle for less. Learn how to simplify and roll back your Facebook experience in this blog post.

By October 6, 2011


15 useful Firefox extensions for bloggers

If you're looking for ways to improve your blogging efficiency, look no further than these browser add-ons. From SEO information to search help, we have you covered.

By May 12, 2009