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Enable button shapes on iOS 7.1

Th latest iOS update makes it easier to discern what is a button and what is simply a text label, but you'll need to enable it.

By Mar. 10, 2014


Add see-through shapes to your photos with Fragment (pictures)

Fragment is a new photo effects app for iOS that does something different from all the others.

5 Images By Jan. 28, 2014


Microsoft's Cortana shapes up to take on Siri, Google Now

A rival-in-waiting to personal assistant technology from Apple and Google, Cortana will be integrated into all flavors of Windows in the future.

By Sep. 12, 2013


Game trailer: Sound Shapes

The Vita gets a much-needed quality software injection with Sound Shapes, the puzzle game that is also a music-maker.

Aug. 9, 2012


There's a DJ in my Vita and its name is Sound Shapes

Is the Vita's latest platforming/musical mashup an indie gem?

By Aug. 9, 2012


DIWire Bender wire printer blends 2D, 3D shapes

Check out this mind-bending machine that delivers a new take on wire printing. The possibilities seem endless once you see it in action, as it can bend metal wire into nearly any 2D or 3D configuration.

By May. 23, 2012


Apple's Jobs still shapes PC laptop future

Steve Jobs and Apple designers have set the course of cutting-edge laptop design for years to come. And one of the biggest beneficiaries of Apple's influence has been Intel.

By Oct. 8, 2011


How hardware shapes software

Some things for which we blame software are equally the fault of hardware that favors certain approaches over others.

By May. 14, 2010


Robots learn new tricks, take new shapes (photos)

Boston-area researchers show off the many shapes and purposes of robotics, including tiny robotic bees to pollinate fields, ostrich-like artificial limbs, and cookie-baking humanoid robots.

12 Images By Dec. 6, 2011


Perfect pancake shapes

The Stack & Fill Flower Pancake Molds offer an easy way to fill your pancakes with perfect flavors--and present a pretty pancake in the process.

By Dec. 19, 2008