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The 411: Where are you, Droid Bionic?

Every two weeks, senior associate editor Nicole Lee answers your questions about cell phones, smartphones, and all things mobile.

By April 11, 2011


Gadgettes 181: The Full of Win Episode (podcast)

Can you pass up an entire episode devoted to things that absolutely rule more than the world, me AND you combined? I didn't think so.

By April 29, 2010


Gadgettes 175: The Endless Winter Episode (podcast)

It's official: we can't take anymore winter. We need a pick-me-up. Actually, we just discovered that the only thing worse than winter is a glowing blue beam of death designed to act like the sun. Also, shocking news about Rafe Needleman!

By February 25, 2010


Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1118: The mean streets of Dell

Turns out Dell says it never deleted complaints from its forums about throttled processors, and it is working hard to fix the issues with updated BIOS.

By December 3, 2009


Gadgettes Podcast 163: The Technology We're Thankful For Episode

Today's cornucopia of technology is perfect for when you travel to visit your family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Some tech makes getting there safer and capturing the moment easier. Other tech was meant for your escape from the in-laws.

By November 19, 2009


BOL 1039: Look Timmy, PaPa's got WiFi in his chest

We started by reporting on the amazing technology that allows pacemakers to wirelessly transmit diagnostic info to a bedside device making the pacemaker safer and doctor visits shorter. But we found the most compelling fact the idea that this would be WiF

By August 11, 2009


Gadgettes 149: The single-purpose gadgets episode

OK. So we promised you on last week's episode that we would do a single-purpose gadgets episode this week. Turns out, promising that type of thing in advance isn't such a good idea as we actually had to work to find gadgets that fit the theme.

By August 6, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 998: Dot communism

Chinese filtering software has been criticized for having holes. The solution? Fix it. How communist. We also give you a hack for getting free tethering on the iPhone and we bemoan the fate of MySpace.

By June 16, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 939: Blue Brain and buckyballs

While Twitter has announced a sort of a business plan, and President Obama is ripping off Digg for an Internet town hall meeting, and Windows 7 may be getting a release candidate in May, we really don't care. Because we have some hardcore science stories.

By March 26, 2009


The top 25 most influential...fans of CNET TV

We take on Forbes and its ridiculous lists of Web celebs with a list of our own: The people who make CNET TV what it is.

By February 6, 2009