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T-Mobile readies 'Uncarrier 3.0' shake-up, touts Shakira event

The company will unveil the third phase of its plan to change the wireless industry at an event on October 9 in New York, with a little help from a superstar singer.

By October 4, 2013


Shakira says file sharing is just fine

The Colombian singer makes a rather intelligent argument in favor of those who illegally download. She says that file sharing is a gift that makes her feel closer to her fans.

By October 21, 2009


Hot links, cool trends on the Web

Five years ago, the highest-ranking Net searches included "Star Trek" and "megahertz." Now make room for Shakira, "Hulk" star Eric Bana and high-school basketball star LeBron James.

December 25, 2002


Yahoo counts down the hits

Yahoo's music Web site Launch has unveiled a Top 10 music video countdown people can watch on their computer screens. The feature, which will be updated weekly, comes with trivia polls, artist information and real-time links during the videos. Britney Spears has already shot to the top two slots, followed by Shakira, Linkin Park, 'NSync and J Rule, among others. Yahoo acquired Launch Media last year in an effort to boost its online music services. The site offers music videos, online radio and music-related content.

By January 30, 2002