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How to make a video game console patch bay

With this simple guide, you can wire your old and new video game systems into one television and have all your classic games ready to play in the blink of a patch.

By February 12, 2013


Google beefs up Knowledge Graph with Bacon number

The search giant traces the connections between Kevin Bacon and other actors -- and shows how its search engine is evolving.

By September 13, 2012


YouTube ContentID wreaking havoc with Curiosity landing

YouTube's automated copyright-checking system is allowing fraudulent copyright claimants to make money off legitimately uploaded videos of the Curiosity landing.

By August 8, 2012


In post-Google China, censorship is unfazed

The People's Republic of China doesn't have Google search to kick around any more, but it's still got network filters and cautious Web surfers and site owners under its thumb.

By March 26, 2010


Rule the planet? Manage your site links in Google

Google has now added the ability for Web site owners to manage their site links from within Google's Webmaster Tools.

By November 6, 2007


'Google bowling' and negative SEO: All fair in love and war?

Your competitors are using a number of tricks dubbed negative SEO. Here are the ones worth noting, understanding and trying to defend against.

By October 17, 2007


Working with spiders

Site owners and SEOs have the opportunity to work with the search engines to identify crawl issues, check backlinks, and get access to even more useful information.

By September 18, 2007