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Serengeti lions shrug off mini robot tank, micro drone

Photography machines prompt yawns from the big cats, but capture stunning images for National Geographic.

By August 9, 2013


Adorable penguin rover uses chick disguise to get in close

Researchers have disguised a remote-controlled rover as an emperor penguin chick in order to get up close and personal without disturbing the birds.

By November 2, 2014


Solar-powered Solara UAV could stay aloft for years

This "atmospheric satellite" flies at 65,000 feet, and could provide satellite-style services for a fraction of the cost.

By August 23, 2013


VMware works to make Hadoop 'virtualization-aware'

The virtualization giant is moving up the big data stack with its new Serengeti open-source project.

By June 13, 2012


Open source powers big data index

Interest in open-source tooling and infrastructure for big data keeps growing among developers and traditionally proprietary companies.

By June 13, 2012


Sun sings survival song amid downturn

The server giant edges a penny ahead of previously lowered expectations and vows to stay adaptable amid a turbulent technology market.

By April 19, 2001


Sun denies rumors of delayed systems

A top executive is throwing cold water on recent analyst reports that claim the company is struggling with computer problems regarding the move to its new UltraSparc III chip.

By December 20, 2000


Analyst warnings prompt Sun decline

Shares of Sun Microsystems hit a new 52-week low after two prominent investment banks downgrade their ratings on the technology bellwether.

December 18, 2000


Sun touts first computers based on new chip

The chipmaker will introduce Sun Fire and Sun Blade, the first computers based on its new UltraSparc III chip, but customers will have to wait several more months before most systems go on sale.

By September 27, 2000


Sun rises with new generation of servers

The company will unveil a new generation of Unix servers and UltraSparc processors, amid a cultural transformation that may prove more difficult than other product launches.

By September 25, 2000