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B&O's 'Serenata' music phone unveiled

Another unique design and heavier emphasis on music.

By October 1, 2007


Countdown to B&O's 'Serenata' phone

Successor to the "Serene" has a mysterious Web site.

By September 13, 2007


Buyer's tips: Choosing the best music phone

The variety of music and media focused phones available can make it difficult to be sure you're getting the best device for your money. The following is the most important factors to consider before you hand over your coin or sign your life away on a long-term contract.

By March 22, 2009


Philips phone plays a different tune in China

It takes a step further in the evolution toward music devices.

By April 28, 2008


New teaser ad: Is it the latest Razer mouse?

Flash ad features a zooming object that appears to be a mouse.

By February 28, 2008


Christmas gift guide: Luxury ideas for the fabulously wealthy

Is that Christmas bonus burning a hole in your pocket? We've ravaged the retail world for the some of the most sumptuous tech items for you or your most decadent relations

By December 11, 2007


Photos: Samsung G800, F700, i550, i780, Armani and more

Check out these pictures of the Samsung G800, F700, F210, P520 Giorgio Armani, F330, i450, i550, i560, i780 and Bang & Olufsen Serenata

By October 30, 2007


The $10.5 million BlackBerry: island included

Sales covers $199.99 for the handset and $10,499,800.01 for the land.

By November 1, 2007


Sony's mystery revealed: first OLED TV

Teaser site was circulating only a few days.

By October 1, 2007


Mystery watch auctioned for $566,000

And it won't be delivered until next year.

By September 26, 2007