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We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine is "an exploration of human emotion on a global scale." The site, created by Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Harris and Stanford computational math professor and former Google employee Sep Kamvar, looks like exactly the result of these two min

By November 25, 2008


Hamlet for the masses

SEP 11.0 "Hamlet" goes way beyond basic antivirus protection; release is loaded with defenses against zero-day attacks, rootkits, botnets and identity theft.

By September 19, 2007


Utilities Updates: ScreenLock�1.0; Symantec NAV virus def�Sep; WindowShade X�3.0; more

Utilities Updates: ScreenLock 1.0; Symantec NAV virus def Sep; WindowShade X 3.0; more

By August 29, 2003