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By February 19, 2014


So 11 percent of Americans think HTML is an STD? Really?

Seems that some people may not be au fait with techspeak -- 77 percent, for example, may not know what SEO is. Isn't that a good thing?

By March 4, 2014


Google, Google+ and search: Maybe it's all an SEO play

"I perceived that Google would grant my site preferred placement--more algorithmic traffic--if I linked my Google Plus account to my web site and online publications," says Harvard professor Ben Edelman.

By January 12, 2012


BranchOut making SEO push with vanity URLs

The professional network on Facebook moves into the open Internet with "about" pages for users.

By September 9, 2011


Corruption in Wikiland? Paid PR scandal erupts at Wikipedia

A Wikipedia trustee and a Wikipedian In Residence have been editing the online encyclopedia on behalf of PR clients. Add the discovery of an SEO business run on the side, and this tempest is out of its teapot.

By September 18, 2012


'Casablanca' at your fingertips: AnyClip lands deal with Warner Bros.

AnyClip has signed an agreement to make thousands of movies--including classics like "Casablanca"--searchable, creating an SEO-friendly video player.

By November 9, 2011


Google admits its SEO could use a little work

Google comes up a bit short after looking at its own search engine optimization. As a result, it's made available a public version of the report for Webmasters to use on their own sites.

By March 3, 2010


Fliqz adds video SEO service

Company announces SearchSuccess tool, which is designed to maximize the performance of videos in search engine rankings.

By November 17, 2009


How to permanently block sites from Google search

Google recently updated its algorithm to take down Web sites that use SEO to game search results and up their ranking, but spam still dominates results.

By March 25, 2011


Link exchanges: The poor man's SEO

How do you build something out of nothing on the Internet? For sites that are just getting off the ground, link exchanges--done properly--can be a simple way to build Google cred.

By July 14, 2009