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HP Presario SR1910NX (Sempron 1.8 GHz

The HP Compaq Presario SR1910NX is as strong a system as any other $400 computer, but that's not saying a lot. Spend a bit more--while still staying firmly rooted in the budget class--and you can push its replacement date back a couple years.

By August 17, 2006

2.5 stars Editors' rating August 17, 2006

This configuration is no longer available from HP.
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HP Compaq Presario V6000 (AMD Sempron 3200+ 1.6GHz

The Compaq Presario V6000 delivers a strong set of components and a decent set of features for a competitive price, but the jury's still out on the AMD processors inside the V6000's case.

By July 12, 2006

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AMD's Sempron marches on China

Lenovo is first to add new 64-bit chip to its desktop offerings, but company did not say which line will sport the chips.

By July 8, 2005


AMD to saddle up Sempron on Wednesday

Advanced Micro Devices to ride new low-price chip back into market for inexpensive PCs.

By July 27, 2004


AMD to market discount Sempron

Advanced Micro Devices plans to come out with a chip in the second half of 2004 geared toward notebooks under $999 and desktops under $549.

By June 7, 2004


Aided by chip sales, AMD posts net profit

Company says sales of its Opteron, Athlon, Turion and Sempron processors increased 38 percent over the same period last year.

By July 13, 2005


Intel's Celeron takes the 64-bit route

Chipmaking giant releases new processor, prepares for battle with AMD's Sempron in the value PC space.

By June 27, 2005


More HP notebooks sport AMD chips

Hewlett-Packard aims to fend off Dell by using more of AMD's Turion and Sempron processors in its laptops.

By June 14, 2005


Sys TaskMaster S3100

AMD's Sempron processor makes the Sys TaskMaster S3100 cheaper, but the system's many frills bring the price back up. We recommend you pair the mid-to-high-end parts to a more powerful CPU.

By December 17, 2004

3 stars Editors' rating December 17, 2004

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AMD releases budget notebook chips

Advanced Micro Devices has started to ship the Sempron 3000+ chip for budget notebooks.

By November 22, 2004