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Intel develops fast, cheap optical links on silicon

Intel has developed low-cost silicon technology for optical communications.

By December 7, 2008


Sony's board taps British exec for CEO

Board of directors unanimously selects a Brit as the company's new CEO and chairman amid a management shake-up.

By March 6, 2005


Analysts anxiously await Motorola earnings

Slumping handset sales, semiconductor weakness and a double shot of warnings give analysts little to cheer about ahead of the company's fourth-quarter earnings.

January 10, 2001


Trade group predicts rise in chipmaking equipment

A trade organization says there is growing optimism in the chip production equipment sector, usually an indication of positive trends for chipmakers.

By July 12, 1999


"Buy local" policies blasted

Tariffs and "buy local" policies are the greatest barriers to global high-tech trade, according to a survey of 420 executives in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

By August 21, 1996