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Report: Apple to ditch Intel for ARM in MacBooks

SemiAccurate is reporting that its sources say Apple will soon offer ARM-based processors in its MacBook line, as ARM stands poised for rapid growth in the PC market.

By May 6, 2011


Globalfoundries' $6 billion New York chip plant waits for Apple

Apple could turn upstate New York into a global chipmaking hot spot if its rumored discussions with Globalfoundries bear fruit.

By July 13, 2013


Apple talking to Globalfoundries about U.S.-based chipmaking, says report

If Apple owned capacity at a fab, it would give the company the kind of control over both design and chip manufacturing that Intel has.

By July 12, 2013


Another AMD engineer goes to Apple

Apple has an affinity for AMD chip engineers. The latest hire has lots of experience with graphics chips, an area that Apple is focusing on now with its A series processors.

By July 20, 2012


Intel to kill off desktop as we know it, reports claim

As the chip giant puts its eggs in the mobile basket, the desktop is at risk, reports claim.

By November 27, 2012


Daggers out for Windows 8, plaudits for the iPad

Windows 8 could not escape the critical gaze of the media -- and even Dell -- this week. Meanwhile, the iPad's three-year mark was feted by the press.

By April 6, 2013


Will skinny MacBooks get beefy graphics?

New MacBook Airs in the pipeline may stick with Intel graphics silicon and not get more powerful "discrete" graphics, says a report.

By March 13, 2012


Intel vs. AMD: Who's got the fastest chip now?

Has AMD finally got Intel beat? Overall, the answer is no.

By May 21, 2012


More reasons to wait for 'Ivy Bridge' MacBook, Windows laptops

Decisions, decisions. Should I wait for that Ivy Bridge-based laptop? Yeah, if you want a faster system with better battery life.

By February 22, 2012


Apple slated AMD chip for MacBook Air?

Apple rumors are always interesting because it's about Apple--probably the most closely watched computer and device company in the world. This AMD rumor is just that--a rumor.

By November 17, 2011