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Make music a social experience with these sites

Listening to music can be fun. But it only gets better when you can listen to tracks and share the good times with friends on music social networks.

By June 10, 2009


The 404 213: Where Justin is not Jason Howell

Dagmar Heijmans from Sellaband.com joins the show to explain how his website allows you to invest in up-and-coming bands that tickle your fancy. In the second half of the show: A McCain supporter is mugged in Pittsburgh, really Fox News? SFO votes on Prop

By October 24, 2008


Fan-funded music: Jill Sobule

After a legacy of troubles with record labels, Jill Sobule is turning to her fans.

By March 5, 2008


Fan-funded music

Instead of relying on a record label or the band yuppie, bands can turn to music fans to help get started.

By February 28, 2008


Lulu TV wants you to cash in, if you pay up

Lulu TV is a new video hosting service that promises 80/20 revenue sharing. What's the catch? A $15-per-month subscription fee.

By January 8, 2007


Music site Amie Street: You get what you pay for

Music alterna-store Amie Street, which alpha launched in 2006 and recently relaunched a more finished version, has an interesting market-driven pricing model

By January 7, 2007