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Bluetooth headset is selling point for MP3 watch

Manufacturers try new approaches to get products to take off.

By February 29, 2008


Only Wal-Mart sells more music than iTunes

NPD Group reports that Apple's digital music store has surpassed Best Buy to take over the No.2 spot. Is Wal-Mart next?

By February 26, 2008


Report: PlayStation 3 could be top-selling next-gen console by 2011

The much-maligned video game console could emerge from its doldrums in three years, but for now Nintendo's Wii looks to be the dominant machine.

By February 14, 2008


Tesla looks at selling components to other carmakers, again

Tesla could start selling some components and software to other companies that build electric cars by 2010.

By February 6, 2008


Sunex starts selling Superfisheye lenses

A California company is selling Canon and Nikon camera owners a fisheye lens with a 185-degree field of view.

By January 29, 2008


And now you can sell things with open source, too. Introducing Magento

Open source now does ecommerce, too.

By January 17, 2008


DRM deathwatch: Sony to sell MP3s on Amazon

A few days after I criticized Sony for its strange Platinum Music Pass plan, the company comes around and offers DRM-free MP3s for sale through Amazon.

By January 11, 2008


Windows Home Server remains a tough sell

Even the bullish say it's destined to be a niche product, with one analyst projecting that even in five years, only about 3 percent of American homes will have one.

By January 4, 2008


MacBook tops Amazon's best-selling computer list this Xmas

The MacBook is at the top of Amazon's best-selling computer list this Xmas...will it remain?

By December 25, 2007


Insignia Pilot is priced to sell

Get an 8GB MP3 player with nearly every feature in the book for just $150.

By December 18, 2007