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Car Tech 101: Self-parking technology

Get the first taste of self-driving cars as they handle the most boring part of driving by themselves.

By October 3, 2012


Ford: Buyers embrace self-park system

Automotive News reports on adoption of the new self-park system in Ford vehicles by buyers.

By October 22, 2009


Self-parking robot cars to invade U.S.

Toyota's new Lexus line uses cameras, robots

By October 17, 2006


Self-parking Volvo

Self-parking Volvo

By June 1, 2006


Valeo shows iPhone-controlled parking at CES 2014

Automotive equipment supplier Valeo takes the tedium out of parking with its self-parking system, which can be activated from an iPhone.

By January 8, 2014


BMW i3's push-button parallel parking

At CES 2014, BMW demonstrated one of its self-driving features: automated parallel parking at the push of a button.

By January 6, 2014


Tesla Model S and the Top 5 electric cars: CNET (On Cars, Episode 20)

Best of CNET On Cars: Tesla Model S, our latest list of the Top 5 electric cars, and how does self-parking tech work?

By June 16, 2013


Episode 20, Tesla Model S and the top 5 electric cars

Best of CNET On Cars: Tesla Model S, our latest list of the top 5 electric cars and self-parking tech: How does it work?

By June 14, 2013


Ford brainier concept a step toward self-driving cars

At the IFA show, the company showed a version of its S-Max car with abilities like Wi-Fi based car-to-car communications, radar-based emergency collision detection, and better self-parking skills.

By September 6, 2013


Audi pokes fun at Lexus (and Lexus drivers)

A humorous Audi TV commercial pokes fun at Lexus' self-parking mechanism.

By November 2, 2007